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Who We Are

We are an agency of Black Trans and Trans of Color Professionals who strive to make being Trans a non-issue, and to help people see us in our full authentic humanity. We work towards creating spaces where we will not be judged by the gender of our sex, but by the content of our character! We seek to lift up all trans people and to inform the public of what we have to offer. We are currently working to build our programming and to establish ourselves in the forefront of the Trans community in the United States. We have lofty goals, and aim to help the trans community thrive globally. We wish to show trans people in a positive light and to help heal those who have been abused and wounded by society, and domestic violence. These things will be accomplished by helping those who need support, in whatever manner they need and we meet the client exactly where they are, including housing, jobs, mental health support, and other guidance to help them achieve their goals.


Adult & Child Mental Health Counseling and Support

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HIV/AIDS testing and support, leading to treatment and care


Restraining Orders


Emergency Housing and Sheltering for Safety


Child Mental Health Counseling and Support


Food and Care Packages

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